Roll with what you have!

Do you have those moments where you feel less than?

Of course you do! You’re human.

I’ve been feeling tired and worn out. I keep thinking I’m not doing enough or making the most of my time. So I beat myself up instead of seeking His grace. This has been such a cycle this past week. Also, social media shows how everyone is running their races so well (how is it possible!).

After much frustration and complete loss of joy and wellness, I chose to cry it out to Jesus (best thing ever). I told him I’m tired of this. I’m tired of comparing my race with everyone else’s. I’m tired of trying so hard to see myself fail all the time. I told him I need to hear Him speak. (Because life is hard and man cannot live by bread alone but only by the word of God.)

Have you been in the most ordinary place doing the most ordinary and mundane activity and He chooses to speak to you there? You won’t believe what I was doing. I was making chapattis. 

I have a small chapatti issue that I never realized up until that moment.

Chapatti 101 – When you roll out the dough, you can only stretch it to a certain extent and if you go any further, you end up tearing it apart and it becomes extremely thin and flimsy.

For some reason, I would stretch it further than that poor ball of dough could even dream of going and hence, it would always create a tiny hole or become flimsy and unappealing. In other words, I’d kill that dough by rolling too much.

Rolling it out according to the size of the ball of dough would make it perfect. Not so thin that it would tear apart and not too thick.

That’s when I heard God whisper to me ‘you don’t have to stretch beyond what you were made to be’.

If the ball of dough was big, I could stretch it more but if it was small, I should not try making it the size of the bigger ball of dough. They all end up as chapattis nevertheless and everyone enjoys it.

I learned an important lesson that night.

Like those servants with the bags of gold. (Matthew 25:14-25).

Their master gave those men 5, 2 and 1 bags of gold. The one with the 5 made it 10. The one with 2 made it 4. Note how the man with the 2 bags didn’t try making 10 bags to level with the servant who received 5 bags.

He used what his master gave him and worked on that.

But wait.

What happened when the master got back?

Both of them received the same commendation!

Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things; Come and share your Master’s happiness.’ Mt 25:21

It wasn’t just the servant with the highest amount that got a share in the inheritance but both of them for they equally worked to increase what God gave them without comparison.

You may not have a worldwide ministry or even a ministry but nonetheless, God still watches over your little faithfulness and is waiting for you to use what He has given.

Even if He’s given you only 1 talent, let’s double it not looking at the ones who are given 100.

What you do matters. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Big or small. It is relevant in the Kingdom of God.

But when you can’t go forward, don’t beat yourself up. Let grace fill your gaps.

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