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Unexpected Heroes

I have a sweet friend who taught me a lot about loving Jesus and living boldly. Her faith has inspired me so much that it is safe to say that I wouldn’t be the person I am without her. This is one of her scribbles from her quiet time. Hope you find a gold nugget somewhere within these lines.

Exodus 1:17
The midwives however feared God and they did not do what the king of Egypt had told them to do.

They let the boys live. They let Moses live.

In the rest of the Book of Exodus, Moses may be the hero (depending on how you describe heroism), but in this chapter of Exodus (Exodus 1), two ordinary women Shiphrah and Puah are the heroes.
They feared God – an invisible God! They disobeyed the king of Egypt!
Now, I don’t like that I called them ‘ordinary’ anymore. They are extraordinary women! Think about it, it was not even the era of ‘#metoo’ or freedom of speech neither was there any international court of justice that these women thought would protect them after their disobedience. There weren’t any places where they could present their case against the king of Egypt and could possibly be stamped innocent.
In simple words, they had no security associated with their decision to obey God, if anything, they invited trouble. They were given a chance and they chose to honor GOD! Isn’t it amazing to think of the role these two women played in God’s whole plan of the Exodus of Israel? 

Two things to take away from this beautiful incident.

1. No matter how insecure your ‘feelings’ are, if you hear His voice today (on anything that you have been praying for) do not harden your heart, (Hebrews 3:15). Honor God! Give away that money to the person God has been leading you to give, even if that might make your account in a bad shape for the rest of the important stuffs you have planned! Solidify that friendship, even if you are a high risk of getting hurt or disappointed! Shout out when you see injustice, speak for the ones who can’t speak for themselves. I don’t mean you to be insensible, but just give a chance to the thought that ‘God’s leading can look like insensible decision to us sometimes’. Take risks for Him and honor Him. 

2. God will put the right people at the right time to fulfill His purpose, just like He planned the roles for Shiphrah and Puah even before Moses was born! Even if a ‘king’ turns against you, it will only take ‘two midwives’ to bring forth His promise!

Would you pray with me?
Sweet Jesus, I declare my loyalty to you! Holy Spirit, please put the fear of the Lord in front of my eyes, that may guard my decisions. Amen

Written by Nimmy Kovoor George

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