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You must stay…

‘I want to quit’, I said with tears streaming down my face.

He responded ever so gently, ‘No, you must stay. You must stay the course till your story ends in victory. You must stay because I’m growing you here in the pain. I know you can’t see my grace and I know you can’t feel my warmth. I know you feel like I’ve abandoned you but I have not. I have not left you and I will never leave you. I know everything they say about you but their words mean nothing compared to what I think about you. I know the next step seems impossible for you to take but you’re not alone. I am holding you. You will not faint and you will not fall. Every mountain you see in front of you will become level ground because my Spirit goes before you. You feel like there is no point in moving forward, no reason to try again. You feel like despair is your portion and anxiety your best friend but none of this will defeat you. Remember, I am in you. I am with you. I walk beside you. I am the One who holds you. I know you think it’s too much for you to handle but it’s not. This is the very place you will shine. Your tears are not wasted. They’re watering every dream that fell to the ground. Though the pain seems to go on forever and the horizon looks grey and dark, soon the sun will shine on everything that is broken and lost. You will receive fresh strength everyday and nothing will be wasted. As you choose to trust me and continue to put one foot in front of the other, you will see the fruit of your labor. Your pain will not be the end of you. Your pain will be the beginning of new things. The days will seem long but keep moving forward. Persevere under trial. Do not quit. You are more than a conqueror in my name and if you rest in my love, there you will find perfect peace. You do not have to be afraid as you see the storm raging. I will come to you on the waters as I did before. As I will come into the boat with you, the storm will cease and you will reach land. This is a time of testing that needs to prove your faith. If it wasn’t worth it, I would not remind you so. I’m watching over you and I want to remind you that the waves and wind still recognize the sound of my voice. Every one of my children will go through a time as fierce as this so when this pain is over, you will come forth as gold. A fresh anointing will mark the end of this pain. Everything is being renewed and redeemed. You’re not going to live in shame but you will rise radiant in hope. Keep moving forward. You’re almost there.’

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