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In time, she would see

‘What does the future hold?’ she wondered as she walked down the street.
She had walked this path before with the same question burning in her heart – when the leaves were green and the trees stood tall, when the leaves were hues of orange and red fallen beneath the trees that seemed a little barren. Then during the winters when all you could see was snow and the trees were bare. She believed these seasons were a sign of the seasons of her life as well. Looking back, she had understood the importance and relevance of each season.
She didn’t like the pain of each season but she knew she must persevere.

She sensed a new season beginning and she knew deep down that this one would be nothing like any she saw before. She didn’t know what to expect and she was afraid. ‘God, give me strength for whatever is ahead.’ she whispered as the cold wind hit her face. Winter was soon approaching and nothing could take its fierceness away. She was thankful for the gloves she had on. She wondered how she would endure the cold in the months to come. Walking outside was not an easy task anymore. She wanted to go home and stay under a blanket. But the winds of change were beckoning her to something higher. She had a choice before her, shrink back in fear and never see the more God had for her or go running on the waters that she now knew held her feet firmly. She chose to keep running. Her feet maybe weary and the days may seem long but she knew her God was with her and the days ordained for her were written in His book.

‘This will be the season everything comes back to you.‘ she had scribbled in her journal so she wouldn’t forget the promise that was whispered to her in a holy moment.
Redemption seemed a long way off, barrenness seemed closer and very tangible. Nevertheless, she believed in the process and the promise. She believed heaven was for her and so she kept walking down the path that took her to her now familiar destination – ‘The House of God’. She knew there was something for her here. Something special God had prepared she couldn’t see yet but she knew in time she would see it all. She had heard the stories of how God could turn ashes into beauty and breathe life to dry bones, so she trusted that He would do that for her too. In time, she would see the glorious unraveling and she knew it would be the story she will one day write about. For now, all she could do was trust, obey and wait.

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