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The Canvas of 2020

This year was one of those roller coaster rides. She didn’t love it when she was on the ride. The adrenaline rush was too much. But as she neared the end and everything slowed down, she realized what a wonderful ride it was. It really truly was wonderful.

And so she wondered what next year would hold. What colours will be splashed across the new blank canvas? What is the painting she would hold at the end of 2021? But then she remembered His words, ‘Do not worry about tomorrow.‘ So she stopped her thoughts from wandering too far. He had already whispered too many things to her this year. She knew the end from the beginning. What she didn’t know was the ‘how’.

She knew that with every step she took, the unraveling of His plans were in motion. It was the step that was hard sometimes. She trusted Him now so she kept up with the dance. He took the lead always. She followed. She wasn’t great at dancing anyway. She needed His help. She wasn’t good at much to begin with, it was always Him. Always.

She looked back at the canvas of 2020, the finishing touches were being laid out. She held her breath. It was magnificent. Was that really the painting of 2020? She couldn’t believe her eyes. What beautiful, intentional strokes. She was eager to hold this piece and walk into 2021. Could 2021 be better than this? She never knew she could possess something beautiful of this magnitude her whole life. She was delirious. She calmed herself down. The Artist was still working on this piece. It’s not over yet. She had to wait one more day. He was busy. It seemed like with each stroke, it was getting even more beautiful. How could it be? The painting should be done by now. What difference could a day bring? But the Artist never shifted His focus from the painting. She observed His eyes burned like fire as He worked. His hands were forming something the world had never seen before.
She knew these hands. They belonged to Him. The One who held her when she was about to fall. The One who carried her when she was weak. The One who formed her and made her. These same hands were in motion painting a canvas of beauty that took her breath away.

His promise was always, ‘Far more glorious days ahead.‘ More beautiful than this? Her heart was beating fast and her mind was racing. She saw Him smiling now as He continued painting. She walked out of the room knowing this stroke would perhaps change her life forever.
She was convinced deep within her heart the canvas of 2021 was not going to be anything like 2020, it would be something larger than her imagination. The Artist was only finishing up to begin something more beautiful. It wasn’t over. It was only beginning. ‘Far more glorious days ahead‘, she declared as she walked on.

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