The Ocean of Dreams

She looked beyond and saw the vast ocean before her. She was standing near the edge of the cliff.
She knew jumping would mean forfeiting her life. But He had asked her to jump. Jump into this ocean of dreams He had for her. But she didn’t know what lay beneath the depths. She only knew He was waiting for her in the deep. She wanted to see Him now. More than ever before. Her deep was calling out to the Deep things of Him. She took one breath and inched closer. The fear never went away. Her heart was pounding.

One more step and she was at the edge. She suddenly knew she wasn’t standing alone. Right next to her, stood her Savior. She had caught a glimpse of the dreams He had written for her before the foundations of the world and she wanted to see more. Her head was reeling now. He held her hand and whispered, ‘I’ll never leave your side.‘ The sweetness of His voice hung in the air. Tears rolled down her cheek as she knew she was about to let go of everything she knew. A new land awaited her. A new adventure. A new life. She held her breath and jumped.

The wind hit her face as she fell. But she wasn’t really falling. She felt like…she was carried.
She could see the waves so close now. Into the deep. Into the deep.
She fell with grace into the cold waters. She thought she would drown. But something wonderful happened. As she fell deeper into the waters, she felt like she was changed. Something was happening. The water felt invigorating and renewing. She wanted more of the water. Ecstatic joy pulsated within her spirit.

She never felt so alive. She saw the sunlight gleam above her and she swam quickly toward it. As she thrust her body upward out of the water, she felt like she was born…again. This was the ocean of dreams that He had for her.
She was all in now. She was finally closer. Closer to the One who held her heart.

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